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References to HTML elements from a script

In Tutorial, Wordpress Tutorial on July 7, 2012 at 10:50 am

References to HTML elements from a script

Each scripting language has its own conventions for referring to HTML objects from within a script. This specification does not define a standard mechanism for referring to HTML objects.

However, scripts should refer to an element according to its assigned name. Scripting engines should observe the following precedence rules when identifying an element: a


attribute takes precedence over an


if both are set. Otherwise, one or the other may be used.

18.2.3 Intrinsic events

Note. Authors of HTML documents are advised that changes are likely to occur in the realm of intrinsic events (e.g., how scripts are bound to events). Research in this realm is carried on by members of the W3C Document Object Model Working Group (see the W3C Web Site at for more information).

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